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Holyland Marketing Private Limited
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Arti Ghai, Assistant Lectuere - IHM Pusa

Golden Crown Asparagus, Pineapple & Red Cherry are very good products of their range that I have used. Their texture & taste is as good as fresh ingredients.

Good quality keeps it up..!!

Shubhra Mehrotra, Senior Sous Chef - ITC, HMI Gurgaon

I tried Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Red Cherry, Baked Beans, Sweet Corn & found it of very good quality.

Bakshi Dean, Corporate Chef - Lite Bite Foods Pvt. Ltd.

GOLDEN CROWN products have a good eye appeal & good flavor.

Dhruv Malik, Production Head - Fresc Co, CP

I have used Golden Crown Coconut Milk, Baby Corn, Sweet Corn, Tomato Puree, Lychee, Pineapple & Tuna in my kitchen & they are all of good quality & good taste.

Bharat Singh Rawat, Purchase Manager - Royal China

We have been using Golden Crown product range & found the products to be good in all aspects.

Dinesh Prasad, Chef - Le.Meridien

Of all the GOLDEN CROWN product’s, my favorite is Pineapple Titbit, it is really a very good product.

Krishan Mohan Sharma, Jr. Saus Chef - Metropolitan Hotel

I found GOLDEN CROWN products to be of good quality standard & good in taste.

Lalit Prasad Sharma, Kitchen Executive - IBIS Hotel

Holyland is one of the good companies in the canned food market & I have been using its Golden Crown range of products for the past 10 years. I am very satisfied with their products.

Madan Singh, Senior Chef - The Surya

I tried GOLDEN CROWN Sweet Corn Kernel & in my opinion they are the best Corn Kernels available in the market.

Neeraj Aggarwal, Sous Chef - Hotel IBIS Gurgoan

We have been using GOLDEN CROWN products at IBIS for the last three years & found the products clean, hygienic, pure, healthy & safe to use.

Pankaj Kumar Gupta, COMMI-I - Bennigan's G.K-2

I like GOLDEN CROWN products for their good quality, taste & present ability.

Pradeep Paliwal, Corporate Chef - Ego Restaurants

All the Golden Crown products that I have used so far are of high quality and aptly priced.

Best of Luck..!!

Ravish Rana, Assistant Lecturer - IHM, Pusa

GOLDEN CROWN quality is awesome. I love your product range & look forward to have more product launches from you.
Keep it up ..!!

Roshan Singh Rawat, C.D.P. - Light House

We have been using Golden Crown canned Pineapple Slice, Tomato Puree, Red Cherry, Button Mushroom, & Sweet Corn in our restaurant. The products liven up the taste & texture of our dishes & the great thing about Golden Crown canned products in their long shelf life.

Shilpi Gupta, Executive Chef - The Grand

I really like the taste & consistency of your products.

Siddharth Vasndev, Sous Chef - The Suryaa

GOLDEN CROWN Baked Beans are really good in quality. We have been using these products for the last 5yrs & we really appreciate the consistency of your product.

Sunil Tomar, Sous Chef Storm Restaurant

Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Button Mushroom & Baby Corn “Top Class” quality products.

Surender Singh, Sous Chef - Fresc Co

Golden Crown products are “Excellent ! ! ”

Tarun Kapoor, Executive Sous Chef - The Metropolitan Hotel

Quality of Golden Crown Mushroom, Baked Beans & Sweet Corn is really good.

Divya Bose, Assistant Lecturer - IHM, Pusa

Quality of GOLDEN CROWN products was as expected.
Good to taste & easy to use.

Julius Caesargomes, Executive Chef - Picca Delhi Restaurent & Bar

GOLDEN CROWN products are hygienic, easy to store & carry around, & product quality is equal as that of fresh products.

Rajat Gupta, Assistant Lecturer - IHM, Pusa

For me...
Golden Crown is equal to Good Quality..!!

Sahil Tomar, Kitchen Executive - IBIS Hotel, Gurgaon

GOLDEN CROWN products are of good taste & good to use.

S.K. Munaf Ali, Kitchen Executive - The Grand

We would recommend GOLDEN CROWN Baked Beans as ideal for breakfast.

Nazir Ahmed, The Park Hotel

Golden Crown products are very good in taste, aroma & texture.

Rakesh Sethi, Ramada Plaza

Golden Crown products like Lychee, Red Cherry & Tomato Puree are “best in class quality & taste.”

Ankit Mangla, Fresc Co Restaurant

I tried Golden Crown Tomato Puree, Green Chilli & onion in Vinegar & found the taste really good.

Mahesh Singh Rawat, The Hans

I like the taste and color of the Golden Crown products, especially Golden Crown Tomato Puree is great for preparing bulk dishes.

Mukesh Kumar, The Ashok

Golden Crown Mushroom quality & uniformity of size is good. Golden Crown Tomato Puree is really flavorful and a very good substitute for fresh tomatoes.

I found Golden Crown a “good & reliable brand” name in the market.

Jitender Himral, The Ashok

The sweetness of Golden Crown corn is standardized in each and every tin also Golden Crown Tomato Puree has got thickness which should be there & the color, which it imports is extraordinary.

Montu Saini, The Ashok

I think that Golden Crown Tomato Puree is the best substitute of fresh tomatoes.

Shankar Pradhan, Yo China

Golden Crown products like White Vinegar, Lychee these all items are good.

Padmanabhan Anand, Aitken Spence Hotel & Resorts

Golden Crown products Cherry & Peach are “Excellent..!!"

Anish Kanswal, The Ashok

Golden Crown Pineapple Slice are uniform, Tomato Puree also the best that I have used & the Corn quality is better than the other products I have used.

A. Vairmani, Le.Meridien

Golden Crown products have great taste and texture also pitted Cherries are really good.

Sh. John Lepcha, IRCTC NDLS/ Base Kitchen, IRCTC

Golden Crown Tomato Puree has a good consistency & good bright red color.

Harish Chandra Singh, ShangriLa's Eros Hotel

I have found Golden Crown products to be of good quality.

Nishant Singh, DIHM, Lajpat Nagar

Golden Crown products are for better in taste & quality compared to other tinned products I have tried.

Ravindranath Chatterjee, The Park

We would recommend Golden Crown Baked Beans idea for breakfast and stew items, could also be used for making canapes mixture.

Noel, Taj, Chennai

Golden Crown product has a total range automatically is welcome to the taste & texture is of good standard.

Swapan Kumar, Le Royal Meridien

Golden Crown products have great taste & good texture. Also there pitted cherries are a good innovation.

Manoj Semwal, Paschim Vihar

Golden Crown products have good quality & good taste.

Chandan Singh Mehta, Regenta Hotel & Resorts

I have been using Golden Crown products for more than 10yrs. They are really good products.

Monis Gupta, Unitech Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

I am totally satisfied with Golden Crown products they are up to global standards.

Atul Shankar Mishra, The Royal Plaza

I have liked & found good, the following Golden Crown products, Pineapple Slice, Tomato Puree, Sweet Corn, Lychee & Pineapple Tidbit.

Harkesh Chauhan, Barista Coffee

“Excellent . . ! ! ”

Golden Crown products have helped us bring uniformity & taste to our offering for long term reliability.

Nishant Choubey, Dush Bird Hotel

I have used Golden Crown products Peaches, Tomato Puree & Sweet Corn, I would recommend these products to everyone as the ”Excellent..!! ”

Sandeep Rawat, Regenta Hotel

Golden Crown over all range is way above average, good.

Shiv, Khana, Greater Noida

I have been using Golden Crown products in my bakery for the last 10yrs. Your products are very good & my special favorite is Golden Crown Fruit Cocktail.

Yuwaraj Pradhan, Yo China, Gurgoan

I have used & licked Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, MSG & Sweet Corn & satisfied with all of the in all aspects.

Rajiv Vimal, Kempinski Ambience Hotel

I find all of Golden Crown products really good in all aspects.

Jitender Kumar, Kwality

I have been using Golden Crown products since 1999 & the products are...
Excellent ..!!

Tarun Dacha, Sarovar Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

Golden Crown products have been consistently improving over the year & I am always happy to use them. I found Lychee’s, Tomato Puree, Pineapple Slice & Corn Kernal’s as very good in Quality.

Pawan Kumar, Fio Country Kitchen

I found Golden Crown Asparagus & Baby Corn are really excellent compared to other’s in the market.

Lalit Mohan, Asian Academy of Culinary Art

As a chef I find Golden Crown products good & suitable for the entire hotel industry, their range & quality is excellent overall.

Suchit Garg, IBIS Hotel, Gurgaon

I have tried Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Tomato Puree & Cherries. All the products are good & consistent in quality. We widely use all Golden Crown products in our hotel & would recommend others to also use Golden Crown.

Anuj Peter, Hops "N" Brew

I have been using Golden Crown products for quite some time & found the products Excellent in Quality. I have used Golden Crown Fruit Cocktail for my custard & the result are Delicious.

Kaman Singh, 369, Banquet Hall

I have used Golden Crown Pineapple, Cherries, Mushroom & Sweet Corn all the products are of good quality, are easy to store, good in taste & have good eye appeal.

Vincent Gomes, Country Inn & Suites

Of all the Golden Crown product’s, my favorite is Pineapple Titbit, it is really a very good product.

Rajeev Kumar, Pind Balluchi

I found Golden Crown products really good, they are really easily available at very reasonable prices.

All the best..!!

Sachin Verma, Hinglish-The Colonial Cafe

I have experienced Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Tomato Puree, Mushrooms & Corn & found them to be of good taste & quality & very hygiene.

Nitin Pal Singh, The California Boulevard

I have found Golden Crown products to be very good & I am satisfied with them, especially Tomato Puree, Peas & Lychee.

Arjun Khera, Smoothie Factory India

I have used Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Peaches, Lychee, Jalapeno Slice & Lime Juice & found them to be...

Rahis Khan, Lemon Tree Hotel, Gurgaon

I love Golden Crown products..
“Good Range & Good Taste”.

Rakesh Prasad, The Surya

Golden Crown pasta is..
“Absolutely Perfect”.

Sandeep Panwar, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

Golden Crown product quality is good & rates are reasonable this makes it very appealing.

Naresh Chandra, Taj Palace

Evenly sliced Pineapple, good color, good taste.

“Good .... Good .... Good !!”

Naresh Kharabhanda, The Umrao

I have used Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Tuna, Fruit Cocktail & Cherries. I especially found seedless Cherries & Tuna as very good products.

Avnish Saxena, Slice of Italy

Golden Crown products like Pasta, MSG, Mushrooms & Sweet Corn are...

Ranjeet Mondal, Lazeez Affaire

I really appreciate the quality of Golden Crown Tomato Puree & Mushrooms.

“Really Good”

Devinder Kumar, Vista Park Hotels & Resorts

I have used specially Golden Crown products & have used Golden Crown Corn Kernal & Cream Style with very good results for my soup.

Om Pal Singh, Vista Park Hotels & Resorts

Golden Crown Red Cherry, Pineapple are..
“Really Good”.

Govind Kholi, Palm Town & Country Club

I have used Golden Crown products in our recipes & found them good. Tomato Puree is really good in taste & have very good natural color.

Ishika Konar, Pullman, Gurgaon

We use Golden Crown at Pullman, Gurgaon. Golden Crown is one of the best & well known products I have used What I really appreciate about their products is their consistency & good standards.

Sanjay Kumar, Shervani Hospitalities

I have used Golden Crown MSG, Pasta & Sweet Corn & find them..
“Best in Class Products”.

Subhash Rawat, Jaypee Vasant Continental

I Subhash Rawat have used Golden Crown products in Jaypee Vasant & found all the products good in quality & in eye appeal.

Aditya Srivastava, Jaypee Vasant Continental

I have used Golden Crown Tomato Ketchup at Jaypee Vasant & it is excellent & I would recommend it to all chefs, also special recommendation for Tomato Puree & Pineapple Slice as very good products.

Prashant Dash, Slice of Italy

At Slice of Italy we have been using Golden Crown Pineapple Titbit, Corn, Pineapple Slice & find all..
“Good in Taste & Quality”.

Tanmoy Biswas, Vapour Restaurants

We have been using Golden Crown products in our kitchen & found Tomato Puree to be excellent & also Sweet Corn Cream Style. All other products like American Corn, MSG & Pineapple are also good.

Rajasheker Saladi, Barista Coffee

At Barista Coffee campus we use Golden Crown products & find their product be really good.

N.D.Sharma, Barbeque Nation

I have used Golden Crown Jalapenos, Gherkins, Tomato Puree, Corn & several other products & in my opinion Golden Crown product quality..
“Good & Excellent”.

Krishan Yadav, Mapple

We have been using Golden Crown products at Mapple Emerald - Their products quality is “always consistent” like Fruit Cocktail, Peach, Lychee, Pineapple Slice range of products.

Harvinder Joshi, Binge Bakery

We use Golden Crown products & find them good in quality, my favorite are Golden Crown premium range Pineapple Slices & Red Cherries.

Vinod Sharma, Azure Hospitality

Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Tomato Puree, Sweet Corn & Corn Kernals - All good quality. My over all experience on Golden Crown is good. I look forward to move of their products.

Suresh, Wet "N" Wild Resorts

We use Golden Crown products like Pineapple Slice, Tomato Puree, MSG, Mushrooms & Sweet Corn. The products are all good in taste.

“Our problem is we can’t get enough of them”.

Ramit Wason, Crowne Plaza Today

We use Golden Crown at Crowne Plaza Today, Okhla. Golden Crown Mango Pulp, Slices, Peach, Pears & Pineapple Slice..
“All Excellent”.

Prabodh Kumar Praharaj, Citrus Hotel

At Citrus Hotel, we use Golden Crown products & find them excellent especially Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Mushroom & Corn.

Raju Tamang, ABN Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

We at ABN Hospitality, we use Golden Crown products & they are very good. My favorite “Pineapple Slice - Just Excellent ..!!”.

Ravi Bhogal, Fortune Inn Grazia

At Fortune Inn Grazia (ITC Group), we have used a lot of Golden Crown products like Pineapple Slice, Peaches, Tomato Puree, Mushroom & Corn.

Golden Crown products are excellent.”

T.R. Behera, Hotel Vishram Regency (C.G.)

Golden Crown products make our life & work easy. Thanks to their quality.

Ram Lal Pandey, Relax Inn Korba

At Relex Inn Korba, we use Golden Crown Mushroom, Pineapple, Cherry, baby Corn, Bamboo Shoot, 8to8 Sauce & Worcestershire Sauce. We find the quality of all Golden Crown products are really good.

Hitesh Kumar Sharma, Bikanervala, Sec. 18

At Bikanervala, we use Golden Crown like Pineapple, Lychee, Mushroom, Puree.

Golden Crown products are excellent.

Avinash, Pind Balluchi

At Pind Balluchi, Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Cheery & Puree has been used.

The quality "Excellent".

Syed Ali Miya Vllagivi, Park Plaza Hotel, Noida

At Park Plaza Hotel, Golden Crown Tomato Puree, Peaches, Pears, Lychee has been used.

All "Excellent".

Sanjiv Kumar Jha, Radisson Suites Gurgaon

At Radisson Suites Gurgaon, we use Golden Crown Peach, Pears, Mushroom, Corn, Lychee & Tomato Puree has been used.

Vishal Khanna, Bercos

Golden Crown Pineapple Slice, Button Mushroom, Sweet Corn, Lychee & Tomato Puree are excellent.

Subroto Goswami, Radisson Blu Hotel

I have tried Golden Crown Pineapple Slice & Red Cherry.

Good Products..!!

Bijner Singh, Casabella Banquet

At Casabella Banquet, we have used Golden Crown products like Button Mushroom, Tomato Puree & Corn & the product quality is very good. The quality standard maintained by Golden Crown products is must say..

Harmeet Singh, Executive Chef Optus - Sarovar Premiere

I use GOLDEN CROWN regularly at our Sarovar property & I find the products “Good in Quality”.

Amit Gurung, Executive Chef (Oriental) - Kwality

I am using GOLDEN CROWN products since 1995 & I found their products are THE BEST.

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